5 Easy Steps to Study in the USA – Get Ready to Study abroad

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The guidelines, in lectures and individual, are made according to the methodology “5 Steps to study in the US” (5 Steps to study in the USA), used in the more than 400 Education. USA offices in the world, which covers from the choice of universities to the his going to the United States.

1. Choosing the right university

The United States offers a wide variety of higher education institutions and study programs. With so many options to choose from during the university application process, you need to consider a few factors:

  • Type of institution and accreditation
  • Programs and areas of study
  • Academic environment and faculty
  • Application process
  • Services for students and social environment
  • Location and size of the university

here are the key points you must focus on to find the right university in USA:

  • Why do you want to study in the United States?
  • Where will you fit in best?
  • Which colleges or universities will meet your needs?
  • Will you need financial assistance?
  • What are the application and financial aid deadlines?
  • Where do you want to live in the United States?

In this way, you will be able to find the right university for your next study carrier in the USA.

2. Financing studies in the USA

Taking into account the diversity and number of American universities, financing studies can be affordable.

The USA has more than 4,000 American universities spread across 50 states, which makes not only the tuition fees at variable institutions but also the cost of living in different cities. In addition, some universities may offer scholarships. All these aspects combined can make it easier for hundreds of thousands of international students to enter an American university.

3. Student visa application

Most non-US citizens who wish to study in the USA must apply for a student visa.

To apply for a visa at a US Embassy or Consulate, students must first have the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Participant Information System) document generated and issued by a university in the USA or by a sponsor designated by the State Department after the student has been admitted to the institution or accepted as a participant in an exchange program.

For more details on how to apply for a student visa in Brazil, visit the Consulate’s page . 

4. Preparing a successful application

The application process requires a great deal of preparation and planning to ensure that you have a competitive advantage in the admission process.

Few life decisions are as important as choosing which university you should start your higher education with. EducationUSA counselors are prepared and ready to help you and your family make a decision that will change your life’s course forever.

5. Prepare your departure

After being accepted into an American university, you must plan to move to the USA in advance. Be prepared to travel, as well as being organized with the necessary documents and well informed about immigration and customs procedures in the USA and know what to expect when you arrive at the university campus.

Before leaving for the USA to do any study program, many questions arise: Do I buy a coat here or there? How and when do I open a bank account? My passport expires in 1 year, is the visa still valid?

Questions like these and many others are answered and discussed in EducationUSA Pre-Departure Guidelines. Guidance is offered at EducationUSA offices or by invitation and is tailored to each group according to their age group, length of stay, and type of study program.

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